Location Rungta Knowledge City,
Kohka-Kurud Road, Bhilai(CG)-INDIA
PIN: 490024


Respect for all
Selfless Service


Our community comprises the various institutions being run by the GD Rungta Educational Society. It started in the year 1999 with a mere initial intake of 240 students. Today the scenario has completely changed. Today there are more than 4000 students from different parts of the country following their educational pursuits in one of the following institutions.

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S.No. Name of the Institution Year of Establishment
1 RCST - Rungta College of Science & Technology, Durg 2000
2 RIIT - Rungta Institute of Information Technology, Durg 2000
3 RCDSR - Rungta College of Dental Sciences & Research, Bhilai 2005
4 RSRRCET - RSR - Rungta College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai 2007
5 RCIT - Rungta College of Information & Technology, Durg 2007
6 GDRCET - GD-Rungta College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai 2008
7 RSRRCIT - RSR Rungta College of Information Technology, Bhilai 2010
8 RPS - Rungta Public School, Bhilai 2014
9 RPS, Durg – Rungta Play School, Durg 2017


Bhilai, officially called Bhilai Nagar, is a city in District Durg, Chhattisgarh, in the Eastern Central India. The city is known for its steel and chemical industry, notably the Bhilai Steel Plant.

The atmosphere of Bhilai is tropical. It is hot and moist as a result of its vicinity to the Tropic of Cancer. The summer in Bhilai is hot. The temperature during the summer season reaches 45 °C (113 °F). The rainy season is from late June to October and has an appreciated rest from the warmth. Winter is from November to January and is pleasant with low temperatures and less dampness.


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